Save time and costs with accurate meter readings 

eMR solution supports integration to a variety of the latest technology.

It allows you to choose the best available technology from third-party systems. Therefore, eMR can offer an optimal solution based on the customer specific needs.

Independance from device vendors 

eMR provides data collection from meters made by different manufacturers, such as Diehl, Zenner, Itron, Arad, Sensus, Homerider, Maddalena and other OMS compatible devices.

eMR Mobile solution is based on Android technology and is, therefore, cheaper and more advanced than Windows mobile devices.

Integration with different billing solutions

eMR Fusion provides back-office systems with customers existing IT infrastructure.

Billing system is the most common integration, providing a single interface for meter readings, regarding how they were collected.

Save time and costs with accurate meter readings that can easily be integrated into any billing solution.

Smart City

Smart City embraces a variety of technologies. eMR Fusion platform combines different smart city solutions, such as LoRa and NB Iot. Graduately transform digital performance of your utility by using different technologies at the same time.

Digitize and improve managing of your reading systems with our eMR solution.

Integrations with third-party systems and technologies are crucial

eMR solution is not just about technology. It is also about people who use it. Our goal is to give you high level of support and pleasant user experience.

We also provide trainings for users and partners, host annual conferences and eMR education events in order to optimize your user experience. 

We are here to advise you.