There is no fooling around in the field. Nothing is ideal. It takes a great deal of innovation to keep things under control. Because of that, innovation has become our way of working and thinking.

We develop advanced software solutions in the area of meter data management, server infrastructure maintenance and real estate management.

What do we offer?


eMR is our own solution that enables capturing and processing data from meter.

It provides technological independence, as it is not tied to a specific meter manufacturer.

We pursue a similar philosophy with the Evidens solution, a real estate management system.

Which kind of software solution do you need?

Maintenance of information systems and support

Information system management requires an experienced and responsive team.

That is why we set up a maintenance and management service that provides our clients with support in ongoing issues, responsiveness in the event of major errors and advice on further development.

We also offer different security solutions.

What does maintenance include?

Robust computer hardware

Working in demanding conditions (dust, dirt, water, etc.) requires special computer equipment.

We offer equipment from different manufacturers, which is resistant to water, dust, particles, and vibrations.

Protected by MIL and IP standards …. 

Which robust computer equipment do you need?

Why would you like to cooperate with us?

For the client's benefit

We understand the business challenges of our clients – whether in the field, security, or building management. Our development is based on your needs.


We work with a range of manufacturers and providers. At the same time, we maintain a reasonable distance because we want to give our clients technical independence from device providers.


Attending major conferences and collaborating with key players in the IT field is the framework for the development of our innovation.

We build long-term relationships

We believe in transparent relationships with our partners, agents, and customers. Our goal is to build long-term relationships that will mutually contribute to a better outcome.

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