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    How does the eMR work?

Collect, analyze and manage your meter readings
with eMR Fusion platform

Welcome to eMR solution. You need a reliable partner to help you to solve challenges in the field of meter reading?

We provide an advanced solutions for meter data management and mobile data collection, independent of meter supplier and software supplier. 

What do we offer?


eMR is our solution that allows us to collect, analyze and manage meter data management for water, gas and heat water.

Based on a user experience, which is the result of a long time development.

Independent of meter supplier and distribution network manufacturers.

Which kind of software solution do you need?

System Integration

eMR Fusion provides back-office systems with customers existing IT infrastructure.

Collection of meter readings is possible through eMR Mobile module (walk by, drive by systems) or through eMR Fusion platform (online readings).

More about eMR System Integration

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Why you should cooperate with us?

Challenge solvers

We understand that business challenges of our clients - wheter in the field, backoffice or in data security. Our development is based on your needs. 


We work with range of manufacturers and providers. At the same time, we maintain a reasonable distance to ensure clients' technical independence from device providers.


Attending major conferences and collaborating with key players in the IT field is the framework for the development of our innovation.

Long-term relationship

We believe in transparency with our partners, agents, and customers. Our goal is to build long-term relationships that will have a mutual benefit and contribute to a better outcome.

Advanced solutions for meter data management.