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About us

Infotim Ržišnik Perc is a young and fast-growing company belonging to the group of Ržišnik Perc companies. In 17 years, our activity in the sphere of informatics embracing solutions and support inside companies, as well as outdoors, has successfully been developed. Our company offers diverse services; ranging from mobile information systems and software to real estate management and system solutions which include hardware as well as software systems.
Our company’s basic activity is development and information system installation, which gives our customers the opportunity to be more productive and competitive in a market which is becoming more and more complex.

Our company's activities cover the following:

  • computer networks - design and construction
  • server installations (file servers, mail servers ...)
  • database maintenance (SQL)
  • sales representation for Getac, Eurotempest, Radix
  • unburdened operations centre
  • selling computer equipment (Dell, Microsoft partners and MCP partners)
  • computer software servicing, printer servicing, etc. (on call, under contract)
  • production of mobile information systems eParking Enforcement Officer, eCensus, (eRadar, ePopis ...)

Our company - it's vision and goals

The company’s ambition is to become a leading provider of our own solutions in the spheres of information support to utilities and in the real estate business on the Slovene market. The company wishes to gradually gain business across borders and, in this way, increase the number of our customers. Above all, however, our team of experts wishes to offer our users constant support of the highest quality possible.

MS certified partner