Innovation is in our genes

Infotim is the leading company in the field of meter reading software. The development of our solution in this field has led to the development of additional services and innovative products. Today, clients are entrusting us with information security and server infrastructure. Many also use our real estate management software.

The company was established in 1997 by experienced IT equipment professionals. They were aware of the gaps and challenges in meter reading and data analysis. The answer to these challenges is our eMR software, from which many complementary services have subsequently evolved. All solutions made by Infotim are the result of knowledge of business challenges and an innovative approach to solving them. With our knowledge, we constantly optimize the business processes of our clients, take care of safety, and lower costs caused by water loss. In this way, we are generating savings and a hard-to-reach comparative advantage in the market.



Infotim cooperates with a range of manufacturers and providers in the data reading field. At the same time, we maintain a reasonable distance, because we want to give our customers technical independence from device providers. This way, we can provide them with the necessary flexibility in planning the purchasing strategy.


Infotim is committed to complying with Slovenian legislation and regulations in this field. We avoid business opportunities where we perceive ethically controversial practices. We believe in transparent relationships with our partners, agents, and customers, based on fair play and mutual trust.


Attending major conferences and collaboration with key IT players is the framework for the development of our innovations. We spend 10% of our sales revenue on innovation and optimization. This assures our clients that our solutions follow the trends and are prepared for any future challenges.


Infotim monitors software usage analytics and customer response when upgrades are implemented. Each customer response is a valuable source of information for us and the starting point for all corrective and preventive activities on which we are building an improvement strategy.

For the customer's benefit

We understand the business challenges of our customers. We know the situation in the field is never ideal and the same applies to computer networks, security, or building management. We strive to deliver on our commitment to our clients, as this leads to long-term trusting relationships and mutual satisfaction.

Data security

Infotim's solutions have security in the roots, both technically and substantively, as we make sure that all solutions are in compliance with legislation and directives in the field of personal data protection, as well as to adhere to the best practices in the field of security solutions.

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