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Constant collaboration with the providers of the solution for billing and manufacturers of the meters enables us to offer consumers an optimal solution based on their needs.

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Approaches Manual, Drive by, Walk By

Manual, Drive by, Walk By

eMR controls a set of various meters. From the older ones, which are read manually, to modern ones, which already have built in RF modules or more progressive loggers. eMR regularly adapts to users based on their needs. It can successfully control mix systems and provides gradual transition to the newest meter technology. With an eMR, you can simply read the meters by hand, from a vehicle or from the sidewalk. Added cartography additionally makes the work of the field worker easier to carry out.

Reading with the help of a concentrator

High concentration of meters and the need for regular reading are the reasons for installation of the concentrator. This kind of reading enables the user constant control over consumption, warning in the case of irregularities and consequently faster reaction time for removing irregularities at the customer's location and also on the distribution network. Consumptions and alarms can be sent to the final user and in that manner user satisfaction is achieved.

Web alarms

Modul web alarms enable you to control the set of substantial alarms. An advanced graphical interface, status colored locations and advance reports are the elements that provide the distributer fast overview over customer locations from the aspect of alarms and readings.


Modul eMR PC is the backoffice program that takes care of sufficient charging of the hand terminals. It includes codings and user names with passwords, which are transmitted to the hand terminals at the same time as the data. Added graphic analytic reports offer the supervisor inspection into the work of the field workers and with that their effectiveness can be improved.


We have a number of satisfied clients. They prove that we offer quality services, supported by constant development, many years of experiences and a personal touch. Cooperation with us is your best solution!

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Reading experts20 years of experience, 35 customers, 5 different AMR systems

Great support, regular education of employees, high availability and responsiveness and also fast remote support. These qualities increase the satisfaction of our customers.

Full video and other promotional data is available over contact form.

Long-term experience and educated and trained experts that are focused on meter reading provide us excellent support and good understanding of user needs. Transmission of the knowledge to contract partners increases the satisfaction of international users. Emphasis on the stability and safety of the application (eMR) lowers the possibility of mistakes and data abuse. We achieve added value through close collaboration with providers of the billing and manufacturers of the meters. Only in that manner can we ensure complete support for customers.

The eMR application includes remote support that enables the procedure in the field and immediate help to users.

Constant development and constant collaboration with manufacturers and also users are forcing us to update and expand the application. Development for larger customers also enables access to this type of solution for smaller customers.

Keeping up with technology, professionally educated staff, attendance at important conferences, collaboration with manufacturers and customers, etc. – all of that is evidenced in regular improvements to eMR and the outlined guidelines of the continuous development. Our strategy and independence from the technology provide us with support for various manufacturers and with that we can provide user with the high level of independence. We offer an application based on the latest technology, and we constantly search for devices that could offer users easier work and provide them with clear and simple meter reading.

eMR Infotim

We are a group of experts that cover the development of the application, system integration and the technique of remote water meter reading. Our goal is to offer flexible, advanced technology and user friendly solution for meter reading.

of business

Meter reading, nothing could be simplerWalk-by, drive-by, manual, combination of different methods of meter reading

Hand meter reading - emr provides hand input of the reading and with that simple transition from paper form to the amr.

Manual meter reading remains and is still part of the eMR regardless of the high selection of AMR technologies. Clear graphic user interface, a big screen keyboard and simple menus that lead the user through the meter reading process. Regular controls entered for meter reading lower the possibility of mistakes.
The goal is to follow the latest technologies and at the same time also provide usage of the eMR to less demanding users. Those users can decide to upgrade with various additional functionalities (AMR support, replacement of the meter, web readings) if necessary.

Automatic meter reading-amr; with the help of new technology (remote water meter), the user is enabled to read the meter without having to step inside the building, without opening the canals that are often stocked, hard accessible and full of water.

eMR supports multiple different AMR technologies. Remote meters, in addition to meter consumption, also transfer alarm notices (leakage, backflow...). Alarms forward information whose content warns the user regarding anomalies at meter reading locations. Advance loggers warn regarding insufficient water meter dimensions, critical information that improves the quality of distribution and could decrease water losses. The advantages of AMR technology increase the satisfaction of the distributors and final users.

  • Nataša Klobas
    Head of Accounting
    A very important turning point occurred 23 years ago with the transition to water consumption monitoring through handheld devices and later remote reading.
    In this, Infotim provides us great support with its professional and responsible staff.
  • Bojan Erker
    Head of IT
    From the initial DOS solution, the period of »mobile Windows« to the modern solution in the Android environment in the company Infotim we most appreciate continued concern for quality of their solution and excellent support.
  • Borut Hočevar
    Preparation and control
    The AMR system that we have exceeded all the expectations we had before implementation. I can without a doubt say that the system works well and reliably due the selected technology and skills of Infotim.
  • Edvard Braut
    Head of IT
    From the initial DOS solution and the period of “mobile Windows” to the modern solution in the Android environment by the company Infotim, we most appreciate the continued concern for the quality of their solution and excellent support.

Lower costs and errors eMR enables easy meter reading, alarms and automatic transmission to the billing system.

Lower the costs of investment in hand held terminals

eMR works on devices with the Android operating system. In comparison with Windows mobile devices, these are cheaper, more advanced and more durable.

Lower the costs of maintenance and meter reading

Read the meters manually or remotely and in a shorter time using the same staff you can read more meters. Use accurate data, read the meters more often and in that way find and repair irregularities more quickly at meter reading locations. Increase the satisfaction of your clients and at the same time decrease loses in the distribution network.

Increasing the satisfaction of clients with timely and accurate data for billing

Data transfer from the billing program to eMR runs completely automatically. Regular control of use during input and an advanced system of alarms reduce errors to a minimum. Time of uncover the mistakes in dependence of the frequency of meter reading and their repair time is shorter. The accuracy of data is higher, bills are more certain and users are more satisfied. The number of complaints is decreased.

Choose eMR Use the tested and working solution

Fast learning

eMR is a simple program and it can be learned fast. The eMR solution is based on simple entry and constant controls that make costumer use easier. The content is based on good user experiences that are the result of long term experience.

Support for different remote systems

eMR is flexible and modularly built. It can control many different remote systems at the same time. For this reason, the user is not limited and it enables a high level of adjustment. Constant development of the new functions and partnership with manufacturers of the meters means that eMR offers more than its competitors. We collaborate with different manufacturers: Elster, Homerider, Diehl, Sensus, Zenner and all OMS compatible meters.

High level of data security

eMR contains data about consumers that at this time are considered critical data. We encrypted the data so that third parties cannot access it. Data are encrypted with AES 128 bit encryption.

Integration into different billing programs

The modern architecture of the eMR application means that we can exchange the data using simple billing programs as well as more complex solutions (SAP or Oracle). Partnership with different billing providers means that eMR constantly supports the latest integrations and it prevents failure due to changes in billing.

High level of support

In the company, we have a sufficient number of experts so that users can receive needed support. We also carry out training for partners and larger users. In that way, we provide independence in the support of users and use of the eMR solution.

Extensive presentation and detailed description

Do you want to know more? Order some materials and get more information on what eMR offers!