Smaller investment

  • eMR software enables data capture from devices made by different manufacturers, such as Elster, Homerider, Diehl, Sensus, Zenner, and all OMS compatible devices.
  • eMR is based on Android technology and is, therefore, cheaper and more advanced than Windows mobile devices.
  • Demand-based planning and the flexibility of the EMR platform ensure that the final solution is tailored to your specific needs.

For more impact with less effort

  • eMR enables manual remote reading directly from the vehicle or sidewalk.
  • The option of both manual and remote reading significantly contributes to the effectiveness of your team.
  • Better meter management will help you manage your spending and plan for future needs.
  • There is no need for education or employment of certified technology specialists for a specific technology.
  • DMA zone support, higher data accuracy, and more reliable billing.

Effective maintenance of the solution

  • With eMR, you can eliminate inconsistencies, increase user satisfaction, and reduce network losses.
  • We are proud of our short response time, always within a day, even shorter with critical errors.
  • We are continually developing and updating the app in collaboration with our clients.
  • Infotim provides ongoing support from trained professionals.
  • We host annual Infotim conferences and eMR education events.

Our solution - video

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Solution components

eMR consists of four independent components: the water module, gas module, the meter change module, and the eMR fusion module, with a cloud service that stores data from different meters in one place.

eMR fusion module

eMR fusion is a cloud platform or a platform on a client's location that allows the meter to be read and exchanged using the browser. It represents a bridge between manual/AMR/AMI meters all in one place. Visualization and analytics of the read data enable a good and easy overview of the network status and quick detection of deviations.

Water module (cold and hot water)

Both the water and gas modules work on Android mobile devices and are suitable for fieldwork. They are easy to use, especially because of the map, which clearly shows the consumption points loaded on the app, using colored symbols.

Gas module

It is possible to capture all the data needed to monitor the network: photos, notes, barcodes, etc. Real-time verification reduces the chance of errors when reading the status.

Module for meter change

Are you struggling with paperwork and incomplete data when installing or changing the meter? eMR Module for change enables design, inspection, and execution of meter installation.

A technician determines the location of the meter using a mobile app, replaces it, takes a picture of the meter status, scans the code, and saves the GPS position.

Emphasis on security and quality user experience


eMR is designed with an, emphasis on security and protection of personal data. All user data is encrypted with AES 128-bit protocol.


Customer support is provided by a self-service portal, which reduces staff workload while increasing customer satisfaction. (add something about speed or accuracy).


Because of our simple user interface, no special learning is required.

The user interface is based on an analysis of real-world examples of many users.


years of experience




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