Čevak a.s

CASE STUDY: ČEVAK A.S. Čevak a.s.:

  • member of Energie AG OÖ group
  • water works company operating water supply infrastructure and sewerage net
  • providing water supply for more than 500 000 inhabitants of the southern and western Bohemia
  • year amount of supplied potable water over 22 million m3
  • 125.000 meter points, more than 860 employees


  • Old solution for meter reading (without support..)
  • No integration with existing CRM solution
  • No data gathered, no analytics, no overview. A lot of people working in the field but no control over them.


  • eMR software for reading water meters (manual, walk by and drive by)
  • Project started in September 2017 with testing period (pilot project): installed licenses, education,...
  • They tested the solution and togheter we formed a specification of additional requirements they need for their workflow in February 2018
  • in April 2018 they activated 20 licenses for field workers and started with production of our eMR solution

The project’s timeline (July 2017 - April 2018):

  • presentation of eMR solution (July 2017)
  • signed NDA and Čevak’s expressed interest in testing eMR (August 2017)
  • installation of eMR solution and training day for users (September 2017)
  • Testing period and forming additional requirements togheter with Infotim via Skype calls (September 2017 - Januar 2018)
  • Order of additional requirements (February 2018)
  • Infotim developping based on specification (March 2018)
  • Čevak testing the new and expanded solution (April 2018)
  • eMR installation on 20 devices and production (end of April 2018)


  • All data gathered
  • Easy integration with existing CRM model
  • In one year: 2 reports