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New! GD2000

Fully-Rugged, Ultra-Mobile PC

Powerful, Pocket-Sized, Fully Rugged

It's all about mobility. The pocket-sized GD2000 fully-rugged, ultra-mobile PC from General Dynamics Itronix delivers the power, durability and mobility that users have come to expect from our line of high-performance, fully-rugged, ultra-mobile PCs.

The GD2000, featuring DynaVue® display technology, has a powerful Intel® Processor that can leverage multi-threaded applications and a Lithium-Ion, hot swappable battery pack that allows the user to replace the battery without system interruption. A MicroDIMM memory expansion slot provides increased memory space and an ergonomically designed keyboard increases the usability and functionality of this ultra-mobile PC.

The GD2000 is engineered to include an innovative expansion module architecture. The optional expansion modules allow the GD2000 to integrate additional functionality into the existing base unit, providing expanded flexibility through added modular I/O options.

fully-Rugged, Ultra-Mobile PC

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